Chiropractor Prahran

Are Your Back Problems Making Life Unbearable? Contact a Chiropractor in Prahran for Pain Management and Relief at Melbourne Spine Clinic

Serious back problems can greatly impact your quality of life. Sufferers might find their range of motion is greatly limited, and could experience excruciating pain when trying to perform every day tasks. This can make it difficult to lead an active and normal life.

Often practitioners treating back pain can use forceful and invasive methods that have long recovery periods and down time. If you’ve tried different treatment options with no success, why not try an alternative and non-invasive therapy that focuses on pain relief? Prahran residents may find an overwhelming number of chiropractors in the area. If you are looking for a skilled chiropractor in Prahran with a new approach to alleviating spinal issues, visit Melbourne Spine Clinic.

With two clinics in Malvern (Malvern Chiropractic Clinic) and Prahran, Melbourne Spine Clinic is well worth the visit if you’re looking for an experienced chiropractor near St Kilda. Melbourne Spine Clinic has over four decades of experience treating specific spinal problems, placing you in trusted hands. What makes them different is they use a highly regarded Cox® Technic, utilising the latest Cox® 8 Table, to help patients regain their lifesyle and manage their condition. This gentle therapy has been helping residents from all over Melbourne in improving their quality of life.

Stop letting your spinal pain dictate your life and seek relief from Melbourne Spine Clinic. To make an appointment or find out more about various treatment methods, give them a call on (03) 9822 1835.

Chiropractor Prahran

Back Pain? Visit Melbourne Spine Clinic As Your Chiropractor Near Prahran

Back pain is a common condition that affects nearly 85% of the population of Australia. When you have had enough, visit the Melbourne Spine Clinic, the chiropractor in Prahran with more than 40 years of experience helping patients with back and neck pain, headaches, bulging disc, spinal stenosis, and much more. The practitioners at the clinic use safe and gentle methods that have been proven to be very effective in treating common spinal conditions. Melbourne Spine Clinic offers patients a variety of safe spinal manipulative therapies including Cox® flexion distraction, the “gold standard” in chiropractic care.

The Melbourne Spine Clinic stands out among its competition because of its use of the Cox® Technic. Years of research back the Cox therapy, which is a proven, non-invasive, gentle form of chiropractic treatment. This revolutionary therapy can be practiced on anyone from newborn babies to the elderly. As a premier chiropractor in the Prahran area, the Melbourne Spine Clinic uses the latest in treatments and equipment, including the Cox® 8 Table. Studies have revealed that 91% of all patients suffering from low back pain that use Cox® Technic found relief from the pain within 90 days.

If you are suffering from back pain and are looking for a solution that works, visit the chiropractor that is experienced and at the forefront of chiropractic treatment methods. Call the friendly staff at the Melbourne Spine Clinic on (03) 9822 1835. For more information about the clinic, visit online at

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