The clinics stock a large range of supports and products to assist with managing your condition and enhancing your health.

Therapeutic Pillow

Available in High, Medium and Low these pillows are gently contoured, providing continuous support throughout the night to encourage a restful night’s sleep. Ask your practitioner which one would best suit you.

Travel Pillow

Great compact pillow for planes, trains or any travel encounter. The mild contour encourages the spine’s natural alignment, perfect for long journeys!

Chondroitin Sulfate tablets

Dr Dixon can’t recommend these highly enough. They lubricate the joints to help improve joint mobility, provide pain relief and relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Exercise Balls

Available in a range of colours and sizes exercise balls are an essential part of any back care plan. Through developing core strength and improving spinal flexibility, they are effective in preventing, reducing and rehabilitating lower back pain in particular.


An effective massage cream containing natural plant extracts, including Arnica, ideal in easing muscular aches and pain.

Gel Ice Flexi-packs

Convenient and effective for hot or cold therapy. Perfect for temporary pain relief, they promote stronger healing, ease pain, and improve recovery time.

Back supports

Car back support, travel back supports are available – ask your practitioner which one would best suit you.

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