Why Cox® Technic?

Dr Dixon first met Dr Cox in 1999 when he last visited Australia.
Dr Dixon was very impressed by the research based approach that Dr Cox had taken over the last 30 years and the results he was able to achieve using Cox ® Technic flexion distraction and spinal decompression on very complex cases.


Since this first meeting, Dr Dixon has continued to attend professional development with Dr Cox and his team and travels to the USA biannually to maintain excellence in the application of the therapy.

As stated on the Cox website.
“Cox Technic is research-documented spinal manipulation to relieve lower back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain and a host of other spinal related conditions like disc herniation, spinal stenosis, post-surgical continued pain, and pregnancy related back pain. Cox Technic’s developer, Dr. James M. Cox, has insisted for nearly 50 years on documenting the science of this non-surgical alternative to back surgery approach to back pain relief in the hands of well-trained back specialists.”

“Evidence-based protocols are tested in laboratory trials and clinical trials supported by privately funded, clinician-volunteer, and federally funded research grants through the United States National Institutes for Health (NIH) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to name a few.”

“Their objectives are to document the actual effect Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression has on the spine and its nerves to relieve pain (drops pressure) as well as the amount of time in days (29 average) and visits (12 average) it takes to relieve pain.”

The COX® 8 Table is available at Malvern Chiropractic Clinic

Handcrafted Cox tables have long been the benchmark in terms of a chiropractic flexion distraction table and the new Cox 8 table has taken it to another level. The combination of Cox ® flexion distraction techniques, as developed by Dr Jim Cox, and the new Cox 8 Table creates an exceptional chiropractic experience, meaning that previously untreatable patients and conditions, can now be treated.

See it in action here

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