Neck and shoulder pain such as pain caused by whiplash

Neck and shoulder pain, such as that caused by whiplash is commonly caused by collision injuries associated with contact sports, falls or car accidents, resulting in spinal instabilities or “whiplash”. Whiplash can occur even at relatively low speed impact and does not necessarily cause any pain at the time of the accident. Symptoms most commonly include neck pain, headache, dizziness, shoulder pain, low back pain and limited range of motion. Owing to the body’s ability to compensate for injuries, the symptoms of a whiplash injury can often be delayed by days, weeks or even months.

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Recent encouraging research indicates that patients with acute and chronic whiplash injury respond well to chiropractic management. In many cases pain and range of motion restriction significantly improve with the use of gentle traction techniques such as Cox flexion distraction therapy, mobilisation, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation exercises all of which can be provided by the practitioners at Melbourne Spine Clinic and Malvern Chiropractic Clinic.

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