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For relief of your neck and back pain, visit a chiropractor in Caufield with a difference, Melbourne Spine Clinic

The chiropractors at the clinic have more than 40 years experience in helping patients with a variety of spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis, bulging discs and others. The ground breaking treatment methods used by the practitioners at the clinic are gentle, safe, and produce results.

The Melbourne Spine Clinic is not just your average chiropractor in Caufield, with patients from all over Melbourne seeking their alternative and gentle treatment method, as opposed to invasive surgery with long recovery times. When you have tried everything without any success, visit the Melbourne Spine Clinic where you will be introduced to the revolutionary Cox® Technic. This therapy is driven by solid research and proven results. Cox therapy itself is non-invasive and focuses on enabling better mobility and alleviating pain. It is gentle enough that the it can be used on everyone from newborn babies to the elderly. If you are dreading surgery and are searching for an alternative that can help to alleviate pain, consult with the staff at the Melbourne Spine Clinic.

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You will receive the latest and best treatment when you visit the Melbourne Spine Clinic. To arrange a consultation with a chiropractor near Caufield and take the first steps toward managing your pain, call the clinic on (03) 9822 1835. For more information about the clinic and Cox therapy, go online and visit

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