Herniated or Bulging Disc Treatment in Prahran

A bulging disc or slipped disc is a common spine injury involving the intervertebral disc. This injury may occur in the neck, mid or upper back, or lower back. A bulging disc may also be referred to as a herniated disc or slipped disc.

Causes of a Bulging Disc and Slipped Disc

Bulging discs can be caused by a number of things, including a pre-existing weakness or a sudden trauma. Some injuries are the result of accumulated stress over time, as seen in individuals with poor posture. A sudden, unexpected impact such as a vehicle accident can also cause a disc to bulge. Some people have a predisposition to spinal injuries, with risk factors including obesity, poor core strength, and high-risk occupations such as those which require a lot of manual lifting.

Symptoms of a Bulging Disc and Slipped Disc

You may have a bulging disc and herniated disc in Prahran if you notice back pain that is worse when sitting, bending forward, lifting, coughing or sneezing. You may suspect a more severe disc pathology if you notice sciatica, numbness, weakness, or altered bowel or bladder function; be sure to discuss any of these symptoms with your chiropractor immediately.

Where to Get Bulging Disc Treatment in Prahran

Bulging discs conditions may be treated conservatively with non surgical, hands on spinal manipulation. In some cases your healthcare provider may recommend surgery. At Melbourne Spine Clinic, we have highly trained practitioners who are experienced in conservative, non surgical, spinal treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment for bulging disc treatment by your Chiropractor in Prahran.

Cox®️ Certified Chiropractors at Melbourne Spine Clinic and Malvern Chiropractic Clinic have extensive knowledge and training, experience and success in the delivery of effective treatment to manage Bulging discs and Herniated discs. In the USA, where Cox®️ Technic was developed by Dr James M. Cox, Cox®️ certified chiropractors are called “back pain specialists”. While this term is not used in Australia, Cox®️ certified chiropractors have dedicated their ongoing professional development to the treatment of bulging discs and are experts in helping patients to manage this painful condition.

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