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Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Up to 90% of women will experience low back and pelvic pain in pregnancy due to the increased mechanical stresses on the hips and lower back when pregnant.

The pain can often extend into the legs as well. Whilst pain medication and scans may not be an option, conservative therapy may help ease the discomfort many women experience. Cox flexion distraction therapy is a gentle, safe and effective therapy, which can be modified to suit the pregnant patient, gently relieving the pressure, which is caused by the mechanical strain of pregnancy. Relief can often be achieved with just a few treatments.

Click here to read Dr Amelia Pappas’ case report discussing the treatment of low back and pelvic pain in the pregnant patient using modified Cox flexion-distraction therapy.

To see a demonstration of Cox Technic please click here

Kruse R, Gudavalli S, Cambron J: Chiropractic treatment of a pregnant patient with lumbar radiculopathy. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2007; 6(4):153-158

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