Disc bulge, protrusion, prolapse or herniated disc (including Cervical Spine disc protrusion)

Disc bulge, protrusion or prolapse are common conditions causing neck or back pain, arm pain – including burning, tingling or sharp pains, numbness, weakness in muscles, postural changes and leg pain.

Chiropractors at Melbourne Spine Clinic and Malvern Chiropractic Clinic specialise in Cox flexion-distraction therapy, a low force spinal therapy which has been shown to decrease intra-discal pressure and therefore diminish disc protrusion, disc bulge or disc herniation. To see a demonstration of Cox Technic please click here

Disc decompression therapy, like spinal manipulation has been proven over and over as the conservative therapy of choice for reducing spinal nerve root compression and hence spinal pain. Cox® flexion-distraction is the gold standard in conservative care for disc conditions and provides a gentle, effective, non surgical solution to the pain and dysfunction caused by the disc.

Research shows that it:
1. Increases disc space height by 17%
2. Increases the nerve exit points in the spine directing spinal nerves to every part of the body by up to 28%.
3. Reduces intradiscal pressure by up to 192 mm Hg hence removing discal compartment pressure on sensitive spinal nerve roots.
4. Restores spinal joints functional range of motion
5. Providing a sedating and relieving effect on nerve conduction with considerable pain relieving outcomes.

Throughout your treatment, your practitioner will provide a stretching and strengthening routine you can undertake at home to ensure your spine rehabilitates to its fullest potential. Also see Arm pain.

Case report - click here to download

References and further information available by clicking Coxtechnic.com

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